Cooperation with the Group of Innovative Companies "TurboSphere"

For organizations!

For years of operation we deserved reputation of the reliable and flexible partner, positively proved on the international scene. Among our partners there are large and small enterprises and organizations, research institutes, state bodies and non-profit organizations.

We are sure that it is possible to achieve global results thanks to combining of partner efforts, flexibility and trust. As developers and vendors of the innovative equipment and technologies, we are interested in cooperation during the carrying out research and development operations, design, production, mounting, adjustment, service of the energetic equipment and systems.

We are looking to cooperate with:

Customers (gas transmission companies, energy companies, industry, municipal services, etc.)
Partners (engineering organizations, manufacturing enterprises, producers of the gas and power equipment, etc.)
Investors (implementation of power service projects, etc.)

For specialists!

Our team includes qualified specialists who have experience of carrying out technical and economic calculations, designing and creation of innovative production. Key workers have experience of successful implementation of scientific and engineering projects in the sphere of energetics, mechanical engineering and the industry including outside Belarus. Project team is balanced both in qualification and in age and is ready for optimum performance.
We invite experts for product promotion and project implementation.

We are interested in specialists:

Production workers
Developers (constructors, technologists, designers, etc.)
Design managers, project managers, clients specialists


Partners and consumers:

Минский городской исполнительный комитетУП «Минсккоммунтеплосеть» Министерство энергетики Республики Беларусь ОАО «ГСКБ» ОАО «Борисовский завод агрегатов» ГПО «Белтопгаз» БПЦ Инжиниринг Silesian University of Technology