Welcome to the website of the Group of innovative companies "TurboSphere"!


We are engaged in development of innovations in the sphere of power and energy saving. Meanwhile we actively put our innovative product forward which is

Energy saving turbogenerator unit “TurboSphere” for energy recovery from gas expansion.

The group of innovative companies unite two organizations from the Union State of Russia and Belarus:

LLC «TurboEnergy» (Moscow, Russia) and LLC “Scientific and Engineering Center “EnergoTech”» (Minsk, Belarus)

under mentoring of leaders in the sphere of innovations: Skolkovo Innovation Center and Science and Technology Park of BNTU “Polytechnic”

TGU «TurboSphere»

new type of turbogenerators (turbo-expander, expansion turbine or expander-generator units).

TurboSphere transforms natural gas excess pressure energy (overpressure) by generating clean and cheap electricity on

Gas Pressure Regulating Station, Gas Pressure Reducing Station, Gas Pressure Reducing Units