About us

The Group of Innovative Companies "TurboSphere"

It is the dynamic developing team of ambitious experts which is presented by the companies of LLC «TurboEnergy» (Białystok, Poland), LLC “Scientific and Engineering Center “EnergoTech» (Minsk, Belarus), LLC «TurboEnergy» (Moscow, Russia), under mentoring of leaders in the sphere of innovations: Skolkovo Innovation Center and Science, Technology Park of BNTU “Polytechnic”, Białystok Science and Technology Park. To achieve our objectives we have united research, design, engineering, production and operational spheres.

Mission successes of difficult tasks and business projects is carried out due to close cooperation with partners, use of advanced technologies and approaches to work, commitment of team of experts and managers. The high quality of the realized works and reputation are confirmed by certificates, diplomas and awards.

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Our mission: to develop and promote overall solutions for the enterprises of gas sector, municipal services, industry and power by сreating new power equipment and systems that increase energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and profitability of work of enterprises.

Main goals:

  • To take strong positions in the international market of the energy saving equipment
  • To provide a stable financial condition and continuous growth in incomes of the company due to diversification of their sources by types of activity and geography of the market
  • To provide creation of the professional, effective and motivated team aimed to obtain result
  • To create modern research and production infrastructure for high-quality work execution
  • To create the market of new energy saving equipment
  • To support and develop a quality management system

TurboEnergyЛого Сколково

TurboEnergy LLC (Moscow)

TurboEnergy LLC is the research company in the energetics field, Skolkovo project participant.
Competition basis of the company is connected with research and development in the field of energetics and mechanical engineering, development of technologies and the equipment for use and utilization of different types of secondary energy resources; development, technical tests and certification of technology and engineering solutions for use of energy of overpressure streams and thermal waste on gas pressure regulating station, gas pressure reducing station, gas farms, the medium-sized and small industrial enterprises; development of complex technology and design solutions on increase in efficiency of use of secondary energy resources with use of various technologies of receiving the electric power and mechanical energy.


Scientific and Engineering Center “EnergoTech” LLC (Minsk)

It is a spin-off company and the resident of Science and Technology Park of BNTU “Polytechnic”, the leading scientific and innovative enterprise in the system of the Ministry of Education of Republic of Belarus.
The Scientific and Engineering Center "EnergoTech" has been created on the basis of division of science and technology park for commercialization of research results by creating innovative production and its promotion, including for the international market. Now the company implements the project of creation of export-oriented production which is included in the State program of innovative development. The scientific and engineering center "EnergoTech" has high personnel potential and has close interaction both with Technopark of BNTU “Polytechnic” and with other partners. The main objective of the company is to create innovative production of energy saving units and integrating efforts of participants of the TurboSphere project for further development and promotion of technology.

TurboEnergythe Białystok Science and Technology Park, Republic of Poland

TurboEnergy sp.z.o.o. (Białystok)

The resident of the Białystok Science and Technology Park, Republic of Poland, is the first certified technopark in Eastern Poland.
TurboEnergy was created to commercialize the results of research activities, the development of international cooperation in the Republic of Poland, the European Union, and the United States. The company is engaged in research and development in the energy sector. Assists in the assembly and testing of the TurboSphere.